Full-Stack Software Developer

Noida, Uttar Pradesh   |   Full Time

Job Description

The Full-Stack team is one of the core technology teams of and is responsible for creating all the web/mobile applications which enable users to interact with data. The team also interacts with our customers to work out solutions.

If you are someone who is always pondering how to make things better, how technologies can interact, how various tools, technologies, and concepts can help a customer or how you can use various technologies to improve user experience, then Lumiq is the place of opportunities.

Who are you?

  • Knows end-to-end architecture of front-end/back-end microservices. 

  • Knows the difference & usage of various SQL and NoSQL Databases.

  • Knows how REST API/ Socket works.

  • Understands CI/CD pipeline

  • Knows how to deploy the application to servers

  • Reads technological blogs

  • You create a system secure, flexible & scalable system.

  • You have contributed to open source projects and have discussed the shortcomings or problems with the community on several occasions 

  • You check logs before screaming about error

  • Multiple Screens makes you more efficient

  • You are a doer who doesn’t say the word impossible

  • You understand the value of documentation of your work

  • You know these buddies - #angularjs, #mean, #lamp, #mongodb, #jquery, #nodejs, #javascript, #ux, #ui, #apache, #nginx, #sql, #psql

How Full Stack Software Developer spends a day here

  • Helps in designing end to end architecture.

  • Interacts with Front End Engineer to discuss the requirements of interfaces

  • Talks with DevOps Engineer to make a scalable system

  • Works on different languages and frameworks to create scalable applications.

  • Plays with GIT, managing multiple projects in multiple branches.

  • Researching new technologies, proving the concepts and planning how to integrate or update



  • At least 2 years of Full Stack Development.

  • Have interacted with Customers

Must Have Skills

  • Angular/React/VueJs

  • NodeJs/Go

  • MongoDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • Git

  • Linux

Good to have Skills

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - S3, EC2, Lambda.

  • Docker, Microservice Architecture.

  • Nginx

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